Hannah Plunkett

Hannah Plunkett

L1 Coach , CrossFit Kids Coach


CrossFit Kids, CrossFit L1

About Coach

My first CrossFit experience was actually with Dual Cities. It was an early 5 am class at the old DC Box in the fall of 2020 and it ended up being the only box I ever wanted to visit. I was immediately welcomed, challenged, and encouraged more than any other athletic experience I have known. With a background consisting of competitive gymnastics, track, and club soccer, I found that CrossFit reintroduced the social and competitive side of exercise that I had been missing. My passion for this sport ties greatly with my love for this gym and the incredible culture that Kelley has grown. At Dual Cities, you will find a group of people who value fun competition, quality movement, and high intensity at whatever level best suits each athlete.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

As an educator, I am also very passionate about kids finding social and athletic experiences that both challenge them and bring them joy. My goal with CrossFit Kids is to make the Box a place where kids have lots of fun while also doing something that benefits their developing minds and bodies.

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