Joshua Kirts

Assistant Head Coach/Programmer/L2


CrossFit Olympic Lifting

Joshua comes to Dual Cities with more than 8 years of CrossFit experience, though his passion for health and fitness began years before. Joshua believes improvements to one’s overall wellness begins in the kitchen and gym. He is a Master Paramedic / Firefighter with the Rogers Fire Department. If he isn’t in the gym, he is either on duty or spending time with his daughter, Veida.

Joshua will be programming workouts at Dual Cities and focusing on improving your work capacity. Improved work capacity is the measurement of CrossFit; and when you improve your work capacity, you reduce your resting heart rate, blood pressure and cholesterol, among others. In short, you become healthier and fitter! Joshua enjoys talking programming and wants you to reach out with any questions, concerns or ideas.

Joshua is dedicated to putting in extra work to stay competitive with his fitness. If you share a passion for health or have an interest in improving your fitness, contact him. Whether you want to take your fitness to the next level, compete or speed up your progress with CrossFit, he can help get you to your goal.

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