Shaina Hayutin

Shaina Hayutin

L2 Coach

Successfully can run 1 mile in under 20 min #speeddemon

Recently conquered fear of hissing geese

Lover of cartwheels and ice cream [you could argue making 1 pint of ben n jerry's last for longer than 24 hours is a feat of endurance]

Diane is my favorite workout and BFF's name


CrossFit Gymnastics

CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting

CrossFit Adaptive Athlete Training

CrossFit BirdBox Coaching Development

American Council on Exercise (ACE):

-Health + Wellness Coach

-Personal Trainer

-Group Fitness Instructor

About Coach

Growing up, I did not view myself as an athlete. Like most young women, I struggled with being kind to myself and my body. When I discovered fitness in my freshman year of college, my mindset began to shift. And when I started CrossFit in 2013, I truly began to understand how feeling capable and confident physically, directly translates to your mental health. I have learned to enjoy the process for myself both as an athlete and coach. In the gym and in life, I've embraced the notion of simplicity: Less is more. I firmly believe in quality over quantity when it comes to workouts, relationships, and most aspects of life- striving towards mastery in body and mind.

Turning Point

The fitness and wellness world sure have thrown several turning points my way. In May of 2021, I decided it was best I walk away from a box I helped establish. I was in search of a new CrossFit home and that’s when I met Kelley. Kelley took me in when I was at a pivotal, transitional phase in my life. Dual Cities has been the most refreshing reminder that you can find welcoming communities and good people everywhere. I’ve had the opportunity to form new connections in NWA that I am so incredibly grateful for. My passion and curiosity for this world are unwavering and I am beyond thankful I get to be a small part of the DC family- all thanks to Kelley!

Motivation & Passion

I am impassioned to serve the regular human being. The soccer mom, the middle-aged working class, the athlete with overweight, the individual needing and wanting to get off their blood pressure meds, and the grandparents striving for vitality. These are the folks who need it most and these are the humans I connect with best. I gain an enormous amount of fulfillment from this wonderful world of fitness and wellness. Every day, I am ceaselessly impressed that folks continue to show up. Walking through that door over and over again takes guts and discipline. That kind of consistency is an enormous accomplishment. Each day, I hope athletes can find a way to enjoy themselves: engage in some light-hearted smack-talking, dance to some 80s music, crack jokes about thrusters, or giggle at some cringe-worthy puns. And if they leave feeling like they learned something, I feel I’ve certainly done my job. Getting to help humans become healthier, more fulfilled versions of themselves is my absolute favorite thing to do on this planet.

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