Steven McKendrick

Steven McKendrick

L2 Coach

I ate 4000 calories in a single sitting at a Denny’s outside of Tallahasse.

I cried when they couldn’t find Doug in the original Hangover.

Several times I have stubbed my toe in a room with no furniture.


I have watched every Billy Blanks YouTube video.

I also have a couple CrossFit certs.

About Coach

It was 2010 AD in the ancient realm of Crossfitland where a man forged of clown vomit and barbell wandered into his very first box. It was there his rudimentary skills were honed into what would now be known as average fitness. Along his journey, he managed several certificates in coaching by way of cheating and lying mostly, culminating in a doctorate in exercise coaching. All the damsels in squat triage and hopeless men in butterfly no man’s land have brought brave young Steve to realize his passion for raising young dragons into terrifying beasts of adult fitness!

Turning Point

I wet the bed until I was 15

Motivation & Passion

I love watching people get better. I love when they smile. I love seeing the satisfaction of a PR or a revelation whilst learning a new skill. Growing people is what CF is about.

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